Fence Removal, Repair, and Installation Services in Pasco, WA

Certified Fencing
Certified Fencing
Certified Fencing is a fence builder and contractor serving Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, and surrounding areas. Whether for residential or industrial property, fencing is a crucial aspect of managing property. We are the local fence company you can count on due to our 30+ years of experience with fence removal, repair, and installation services, as well as gate installation and repair. If you would like us to provide the fencing materials, you can rest assured that your fence will be top-tier quality. 
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Local Fencing Contractors for Rural Properties

If you are a ranch, farm, or rural property owner, you know how important a high-quality fence is. Keeping livestock contained in their pastures and more can take miles and miles of fencing and require numerous repairs that come from regular wear and tear. We can install a cedar ranch split rail fence to encircle your pastures. A split rail fence is well worth the cost for the assurance it provides. Request an appointment to get a free estimate today.
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Decorative Fence Types and Styles

One way to add a layer of elegance and class to your yard is through fencing. Whether it’s a decorative aluminum, chain link, or a white vinyl picket fence, we offer a variety of materials and different types of fences to choose from, including: 
Whether for a small yard or for miles of fence required for farmland, Certified Fencing is your go-to local fence company for everything from building a wood fence to iron gates. We serve Pasco, WA and all surrounding areas. Give us a call at (208) 449-2040 today for a free estimate!